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TTW Partners Limited, offer Dedicated solutions for CCTV, HGV, Tracking and Accident Blackspot Systems for automotive use and leisure. TTW have strategic alliances and partnerships with the industry leaders such as Pogo GPS, Snooper, Blinder, Road Angel, Blackvue, Vue, due to our unbiased and independent views, we have very knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff and this has made us the number 1 choice for your company. Due to TTW's buying power, TTW are able to also offer all our product range for trade, please give us a call for our Trade Application Form.

Mio Mivue, Snooper , Beltronics, Reversing Cameras - Tracking Systems, Pogo GPS , Beltronics Radar Detectors, Blinder Compact Snooper, Road Angel, Cheetah Gps, Road Angel Gem, Valentine one, TomTom Truck Navigation, TomTom Go Caravan & Camper HGV, Trackstick,Autobra Stone Chip Solutions and Q-Link, Mytorch, Blackvue,

We also specialise in In Car Camera Systems for Taxi's HGV vehicles and Cars. and Sports/Action HD Cameras from Brands such as GoPro, Contour, Ion Action.

Call Us Today for friendly honest advice on 01159 599 995 or for Trade Sales on 01159 503852

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Pogo GPS Website - Pogo Alert Plus, Pogo Alert, Pogo Drive

Pogo GPS
This is a new range of products that were formally know as Origin Technologies. The new range now consists of the New Pogo Alert Plus. They are the very latest in GPS Satellite Navigation systems incorporating the very best in speed camera detection.

Please view the dedicated Pogo GPS website


Snooper Website - Snooper Truckmate - Snooper Ventura - Snooper LYNX

Snooper UK
(Performance Products) -
Snooper s8000 Ventura - Truckmate Snooper Satellite navigation and GPS speed camera locations. The UK home of Snooper sat nav, Snooper Truckmate and GPS speed camera location systems, Snooper S8000 UK Truckmate, S8500 Pro Sound Truckmate, Snooper 3zero, and more

Please view the dedicated Snooper UK Website

Road Angel - Road Angel UK website

Road Angel Gem - Speed Camera Alert System

Road Angel - The All new Road Angel Gem, Road Angel Gem Deluxe

ROAD ANGEL Gem & Road Angel Gem Deluxe, is the forerunner in speed management devices. In addition to the most accurate warnings of approaching safety cameras and road blackspots, new slim-line design, and new improved user interface, Road Angel Gem provides road-speed information, so that drivers can know what the limit is, on any stretch of road that they drive on.

Please view the dedicated Road Angel UK Website

In Car Camera Systems - Vehicle CCTV - witness

In Car Camera Systems - Blackvue - Exeros Cube - Eye Plus

In Car Camera Systems
In Car Camera Systems we specialise in various solutions such as vehicle camera driver protection system with GPS and G-force data logging.
Prevent Insurance Fraud | Protect Your No Claims Bonus | Protect Your vehicle | Lorries | Taxi | Company Vans | Ideal For Track Days | Motorbikes | Boats |
Extreme Sport, Black Box for vehicles, our range of products records driving status and when the car accident occurs, it saves the recording data from before and after.

Please view the dedicated In Car Camera Systems

Autobra UK - Automotive Bonnet Bra

Autobra UK - Bonnet Bra

AutoBra UK
Autobra is the only UK distributor for the very latest in automotive protection from stone chips. We supply a full range of carbras for all car manufacturers such as audi, BMW, Subaru, Seat, Volkswagen, Vauxhall, Porsche, citroen, renault just to name a few....

Please view our dedicated AutoBra - Bonnet Bra Website

Beltronics Radar Detectors For ireland, EU and UK, Bel RX65i, RX55, Stir Plus

Beltronics Store - Radar detectors For Ireland
Here you will find a selection of the beltronics range most suitable for UK/ Ireland and European driving. All of our systems have been optimised for these countrise, as other versions will not perform as well!

Please view the dedicated Beltronics radar Detector Site

Snooper Tracker, Spot Messenger, Zoombak, trackstick, trackstick 2, super trackstick

Trackstick GPS

This is the smallest and most advanced tracking solution on the market today. It records data that can be viewed using google earth. the product range starts with the Snooper Tracker, Spot Messenger, Zoombak, Trackstick 2 Super Trackstick, Trackstick Pro and the new Tramigo T22 GPRS Tracking System, Spot Messenger - Spot out-door Tracker, Leadtek LR8M03 Tracker, Leadtek GPSS9553D.

Please view the dedicated Trackstick Website

Also we have a new tracker for smartphones please view here: My-ilocator

Blinder m27 / M47 - Laser Jammer , Parking sensor

Blinder Compact HP 905 Range
"New Generation in Laser Jammer/ Parking System inc laser diode jamming Technology"

The all New Blinder Compact Range - using new Laser Diode Technology, Voice alerts and much more.
The new range are available in the following transponder kits: we can supply - Single, Twin ,Triple and
Quad Heads kits for all vehicles sizes. The new Compact range is the direct replacement to the Blinder M27/47 range.

Please view the dedicated Blinder UK Website

TomTom Truck portable GPS car navigation systems

TomTom, portable GPS car navigation systems
TomTom is the most advanced portable navigation systems on the Market. The New TomTom Go 7100 Truck, TomTom Go 7150 Truck TomTom Truck 9150 Live, navigation units as well as the Brand new range of TomTom LIVE Navigation is set to be there most popular product yet. The new TomTom Go Caravan & Camper device is the ideal soluton for all caravan owners.TomTom Truck SD Card Upgrade. Please visist our dedicated TomTom Live website.

Please view the dedicated TomTom UK Website

My-Ilocator - Tracker - works with smartphones

My i Locator is the very latest smartphone Tracking and security Tracking system for Apple Iphone or Android and windows Systems.

Locate and track where the person/vehicle is by Google Map on your iphone, Android and windows smartphones, from anywhere in the world. Some of the features are as follows:

Receive SOS/moving/low battery/geo-fence/over speed alerts, car find, take picture/check picture, parking timer countdown and warning, black box (driver recording). No tracking server service fee and no wire installation.

Please view the My-ilocator Website

Q-Link Pendants and Bracelets for personal emf protection

Q-Link Pendants and Bracelets for personal emf protection

At the heart of all Q-Link products is Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT), which is based on the fundamental scientific discovery that every physical system has fields of energy that permeate and surround that system.

Q-Link products strengthen and balance your body’s energetic system, boosting your resilience to all kinds of stress. Scientifically tested and endorsed by top practitioners, wearers report having increased energy and concentration, calmness, better sleep, improved sports performance as well as Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) protection.

Please view the dedicated Q-Link Store UK Website

Speed Detectors UK - GPS Sat Nav Specialists

snooper, road angel, pogo gps, talex, road pilot, dension gateway, trackstick

Speed Detectors UK

Here you will find the full range of the very latest vehicle Sat Nav & Camera detection units as well as the very latest dension Ipod in-car solutions. If you like your automotive gadgets then you will be sure to find a new product here.
Snooper, Road Angel, Novus, TomTom, Garmin, Pogo GPS, Blinder, Laser Pro Park, Target LT400, Trackstick and many more well known brands.

Please view the dedicated Speed Detectors UK website

AmeriCam Reversing Camera Systems for Car, Van, 4x4, Motorhome, Horse Boxes, Trailers and much more...

AmeriCam Reversing Camera Systems for Car, Van, 4x4, Motorhome, Horse Boxes, Trailers and much more...

The AmeriCam Range is a high performance, fully automatic, reversing camera systems.

The primary objective is very simple: to help a driver to see things that they may not otherwise see when reversing. Almost all vehicles have a blind spot at the back, which can result in accidents involving common items such as concrete posts, shopping cart, other vehicles and perhaps most alarmingly, small children or their toys and bikes.

Please view the dedicated Americam UK

Cheetah GPS - Cheetah C50

Cheetah GPS - Cheetah C50
The Cheetah Range warns you in advance about speed camera locations and high risk accident zones.
Using the Cheetah GPS range such as the C50 will make you more aware of your speed, your surroundings and approaching road hazards. You'll know where to watch out for red light runners or drivers slamming on their brakes unexpectedly. And if you are distracted for any reason (mobile phone, kids, changing radio stations, etc) the safety alerts will focus your attention back onto the road when you need it most.
Please view the dedicated Cheetah GPS website

Blackvue UK - DR400G HD, DR380G HD

BlackVue Range of vehicle CCTV and High Definition Video Cameras include our BlackVue HD Black Box, and full HD in either 1200 x 720 HD or 1280 x 1080p in car camera systems. These great new products provide in car video and have been designed with the very latest in car camera features. Blackvue DR400G HD V2, BlackVue DR380G HD

BlackVue is the first designer video black box recorder, with its Quick release mounting and AV out allowing for attachment of monitor. Ideal for all applications such as Law Enforcement, Hauliers, Taxi, Private Cars and much more.

Please view the dedicated Official Blackvue Website

Mio Mivue Car Camera Range - Mivue 568 Touch, 538 deluxe, 528,508, M350 sports camera

Mio Miview - Car Camera Range
Mivue - Driver Recording Systems Meet the very latest Mio Mivue Range of Car Cameras - The ideal protection from Crash for Cash Mivue In-Car camera system have been designed to offer the very latest leading features: 1080p Full HD Recording | Bright Lens | Parking Mode Feature | Emergency Recording & much More...

Please view the dedicated Mio Mivue website

Caravan & Motorhome Accessories - caravam Movers

Caravam Movers UK
- ofering Caravan & Motorhome Accessories, We offer a market leading range of products for all your caravan and motorhome needs.

We specialise the very latest Purpleline Enduro, Ego Caravan Movers.Nomad Portable Power Washers, Fusion LED caravan TV,Nemsis Ultra Secure - Caravan Wheel Clamps, Datatag Caravan Security and much more
Please Visit:

Valentine 1 - Radar Detector

valentine one - Radar Detector

Valentine One UK/IRE Store

The Valentine One has dominated every high-end detector test we've conducted since its introduction in 1992"said Car and Driver. That's ten years of top-rated performance.

The Valentine One Generation3 is accepted by press and public as the most powerful portable radar & laser detection system available. Updated for 2002 with Ku band Mini Gatso detection and new compact design (now 25% smaller). Engineered without compromise or cost restrictions, it is constructed using the best of materials and includes a host of features exclusive to the Valentine brand. All our valentine one devices come with 2 year warranty!

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TTW Partners Limited have strategic alliances and partnerships with the industry leaders such as Blackvue, Mi Witness, Pogo GPS,Parksafe, Snooper, Blinder, Road Angel, Cheetah Pittasoft, Trackstick, due to our unbiased and independent views, we have very knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff and this has made us the number 1 choice for GPS Based Systems.