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TTW Partners Limited - Target Blue Eye, Blackvue, Mi-witness, Lukas HD, TomTom Truck, Road Angel, Cheetah GPS, Blinder compact
TTW Partners Limited - Approved Distributer for Vehicle camera systems, Speed camera solutions, and the lastest automotive gadgets

TTW Partners Limited, offer Dedicated solutions for vehicle CCTV, HGV, Tracking and Accident Blackspot Systems for automotive use and leisure. TTW have strategic alliances and partnerships with the industry leaders such as Target Blu Eye, Blinder, Road Angel, Blackvue Dash Cameras.

Due to our unbiased and independent views, we have very knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff and this has made us the number 1 choice for your company. Due to TTW's buying power, TTW are able to also offer all our product range for trade, please give us a call for our Trade Application Form.

Call Us Today for friendly honest advice on 01159 599 995 or for Trade Sales on 01159 503852

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In-Car Camera Systems

In Car Camera Systems UK Website

The in car camera market has been very busy recently with a lot of new models appearing on the uk market as well as some new existing model upgrades from Lukas HD & Blackvue.

Here at in-car camera systems we have the perfect range of solutions for all your requirements. We test and trial every product we sell so we are able to fully advise on the best solution for you. Our staff are very knowledgeable, we are here to advise you, so you buy the correct product first time.

Please view in car camera systems website

LUKAS HD - Vehicle Camera Systems

Lukas HD - Accident, Dash Camera Systems

The 2015 LUKAS Range offers unrivalled Video/Image quality with 16:9 wide screen, 30 fps & 1920 x 1080p gives you the experience of the most advanced level of vehicle accident camera system. The full range will easily recognise fast passing objects with a speedy & smooth video playing. The LUKAS range also offers excellent visibility and wide viewing angles without distortion.

Please view the dedicated Lukas HD Website

Blackvue UK/EU - Dash Camera Systems

Blackvue UK Website

Blackvue offers a stunning range of HD & Full High Definition cameras equipped with In-Built GPS and Wireless (Wifi) Connectivity and @channel solutions.

New for 2015 Blackvue have just released the DR600G HD Wifi & DR650GW HD.Also included in the new line up is the 4" Touch Screen version called the DR750GL HD 2 CH.

Please view the dedicated Blackvue EU Website & Blackvue UK Site

Target Blu Eye - Traffic Safety System

Target Blu Eye UK Website

Target Blu Eye is a unique and worldwide patented traffic safety system that warns you in advance of approaching emergency service vehicles. In the UK all the emergency services use Tetra radios and Target Blu Eye will let you know when they are close come day or night. So whilst driving at night, even if the emergency vehicle is not using their lights or sirens...

Please view the dedicated Target Blu Eye Website

Cheetah - Speed Camera Detection

Cheetah GPS Website - Cheetah C150

Cheetah GPS
New for 2015 is the Cheetah C150, Cheetah Advanced Technologies Ltd have been manufacturing leading speed trap detection equipment since 2003. Fantastic new C150 GPS speed and red light camera detector.

Please view the dedicated Cheetah GPS Website

Blinder Compact - Mobile Speed Camera Detection

Blinder Compact 905 Website

The Blinder Compact Range is specifically designed for use in the: UK/IRE/EU. ..Its been tested against all current laser guns. The product we sell has the correct software for all EU/UK/IRE Laser Guns.

Please view the dedicated Blinder Compact Website

Valentine One - Radar Speed Camera Detection

Valentine one UK Store

The Valentine One Generation3 is accepted by press and public as the most powerful portable radar & laser detection system available. Updated for 2015 with Ku band Mini Gatso detection and new compact design (now 25% smaller).

Please view the dedicated Valentine One Website

Beltronics - Radar Detectors

Beltronics Radar detectors

Welcome to the UK/ Ireland Dedicated Beltronics Store.
Here you will find a selection of the beltronics range most suitable for UK / Ireland and European driving. All of our systems have been optimised for these countries, as other versions will not perform as well!

Please view the dedicated Beltronics website

Road Angel - Speed Camera Detection

Road Angel Store Website

The UK’s most advanced camera locator now comes with brand new alerts and features! ROAD ANGEL Gem+ is the new and improved speed management device from Road Angel.

Please view the dedicated Road Angel Website

Mio- Mivue Range - Dash Cameras

Mio Mivue Website - Dash Cameras

Meet the very latest Mio Mivue Range of Car Cameras - The ideal protection from Crash for Cash Mivue In-Car camera system have been designed to offer the very latest leading features.

Please view the dedicated Mivue website

TomTom Dedicated HGV/ CAR Navigation

TomTom Navigation UK Store

The TomTom 8270 Pro Truck & pro Truck, PRO 5250 TRUCK LIVE, & the very popular drivers can safely navigate throughout Europe on truck-friendly routes, avoiding dimensional, weight etc.

Please view the dedicated TomTom Website

Garmin Navigation UK

Garmin navigation UK

Garmin Navigation UK
Approved UK Garmin Stock & Sales "Garmin Navigation keeping you moving around the world"


Offering the full range of Truck Navigation, Caravan & Camper Navigation, Bike Navigation.

Please view the dedicated Garmin Navigation

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TTW Distribution Limited have strategic alliances and partnerships with the industry leaders such as Target, Lukas HD, Blackvue,
Mi Witness, Blinder, Road Angel, Cheetah Pittasoft, Beltronics due to our unbiased and independent views,we have very knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff, this has made us the number 1 choice for GPS Based Dash Camera & Speed Camera Systems.

In Car Camera Systems - Blackvue, Mi-Witness, Lukas HD, Mio Mivue Speed Camera Detectors, Cheetah C150, Road Angel Gem Plus, Beltronics, Target Blu Eye, Blinder Compact 905 TomTom HGV Navigation, TomTom 5250 Truck, Tomtom 8270 Truck Car Bra, VW, Audi, Bonnet Bra Qlink Target Blu Eye - traffic safety system that warns you in advance of approaching emergency service vehicles